We are Jack and Sally Hollingsworth, founders and "on the road for Jesus" evangelists for Acts 29 Ministry, Inc. since 1990. We have been full time since 1993 traveling throughout the US carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen and anywhere the Lord opens the door.  Acts 29 Ministry operates completely by faith through the support  and love offerings of supporters and the places we go to minister. 
     God is our "booking agent" and we rely totally on word of mouth referrals from those who have witnessed the ministry and want to help by contacting Pastors, Chaplains, Activity Directors, etc. on our behalf. When requested we will send a packet and demo CDs to give information about the ministry. If the Lord moves on the heart of the person who does the scheduling, he calls us and Sally makes the date. 
     Our only goal is to lift the name of Jesus. We will work with all Bible believing Churches or groups. We strive to see all Christians more concerned for the lost in their communities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
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-Demo music CDs upon request
-CD of Jack's testimony
-Informative brochure about ministry
-Photo and bio of Jack and Sally -- simply download a picture from this site and take information from what's included in these pages.
-You may contact us by phone or e-mail and Sally will take care of your request. There is no charge for anything we have.
      "Acts 29" ministry's name is the result of praying, asking the Lord for a name that would raise questions. Since there are only 28 chapters in Acts, we questioned Him ourselves.. After searching the scriptures we discovered that there are three books in the New Testament that do not have an Amen at the close, indicating that there is more to them, still ongoing. Those three books are: James, 3rd John and, of course, Acts.  
     James was written to the dispersed Jews. It is very obvious today that it is still in action because since 1948, God has been bringing the Jews home to Israel. 3rd John was written to the individual Christian and every born again Christian is proof that it too is still an ongoing book.  And of course, the book of Acts is the power of the Holy Spirit adding to the Body of Christ daily, hence Acts 29, whose verses are written by the lives of every Christian in this world. 
     We clearly understand that we are not writing a literal additional book in the Bible.  God's Word is complete and perfect just as it is, certainly not requiring the frail hand of man to add to it.  Acts 29 is more akin to a dream or a vision that God gave us and that is to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many as possible; to reach out to the lost and encourage the Church no matter where she might be located. It doesn't matter if it is in the checkout line in a store or service station, a server in the restaurant, a person on the street or in jail or prison or hospital. Where ever we go, the need of the of the Truth of God's Word is so evident in this desperately sin sick world. 
     It is our life's work to carry as much to as many as we can in the time we have left. Jesus IS coming soon.  Please make sure you are ready. MARANATHA.
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Acts 29 Ministry is governed and watched over by a board of directors from diverse Christian backgrounds and ministries.  All are deeply committed to the Lord Jesus Christ with a common vision with Sally and I to travel the country and spread the Gospel. Standing beside us are nine of the most dedicated board members you'll ever find - - anywhere!. 

The Board meets annually to plan finances and operations. Sally and I receive a monthly stipend for personal expenses. Remaining monies go to other ministry  expenses. Maintenance and fuel for the coach is regular and demanding. 

There are seven widows receiving monthly support. Additionally, four children's homes and orphanages, three Israeli  missions, local missionaries to Belize and domestic missions for various needs in the USA are also supported. This is all possible because of the income generated by our bookings throughout the country and by the generous donations of individual supporters. 

We thank God for the privilege to serve Acts 29 Ministry and for the greatest people in the world who look out for us and support us in what we do. Of course, none of it would be possible without the faithfulness of our wonderful Heavenly Father. We give Him all the praise and glory.

We welcome all inquiries concerning the Ministry. 
January 2015 Board of Directors